Effective communication — making a difference.

The Center for Strategic Research and Communication (CSRC) is a 501 (c) 3, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that helps its beneficiaries create successful social change initiatives through effective strategic planning, market research, branding, message and materials development, and testing and training.

Strategic Public Relations

The Center is pleased to announce the publication of Barbara Diggs-Brown's most recent book, Strategic Public Relations: An Audience-Focused Approach. It is an excellent tool for guiding your strategic communication efforts. With particular emphasis on audience research, the book presents numerous examples that help with communication in the education field; many strategies, tactics and case studies; and  highlights the importance of ethics throughout.

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Communicating Common Core State Standards

In June 2010 a collaborative group of writers released a set of globally competitive K-12 standards in the foundational subjects of English language arts and mathematics. These standards are designed to prepare high school graduates for success in college and make them career ready. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are equal opportunity standards, ensuring that all students—regardless of where they live or their economic status—learn what they need to be successful.

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What We Believe

In the marketplace of ideas – American and international – many voices are heard on the crucial issues and policies that affect society. Some voices are better heard than others because they possess the resources to amplify their voices. Others are scarcely heard at all.

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